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I am a San Diego based attorney serving the business community in the greater southern California area. My office specializes in business and transactional law including licensing, sales agreements, services agreements, privacy law, ecommerce issues and general matters of corporate governance. I also have strong experience in sports and entertainment law having negotiated numerous deals with all major sports leagues, superstar athletes, top entertainment brands and talent management agencies. My clients have repeatedly relied on my expertise in analyzing and interpreting multi-million dollar contracts with Fortune 500 companies. My experience as in-house counsel has also given me a strong working knowledge of intellectual property law, employment law, mergers and acquisitions, corporate law and many other legal issues which face both emerging and established companies. I am a deft negotiator and excel at achieving favorable results for my clients. I believe you will find my representation to be affordable, impactful and of exceedingly high quality.



             California Bar Number - 276192

                Florida Bar Number - 54033


Sports Law

Business Law

Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice

Licensing – Content and trademark licensing, software licensing

Online, digital and ecommerce law – Social media, user-generated content, mobile/online products and services, online advertising, sweepstakes, privacy

Sports and entertainment law – Endorsement contracts for athletes and entertainers, appearance and other service agreements, intellectual property law, brand protection

Personal service agreements – Exclusive and non-exclusive sales representation agreements, employment contracts, consulting agreements 

Corporate law – Incorporations including bylaws and articles of incorporation, LLCs, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions

General business law – Non-disclosure agreements, real estate and equipment leases, manufacturing agreements, sales and purchase agreements